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Homeowner FAQ

  • What are the up-front fees?

    We charge a startup fee of $200. This fee covers the set-up of the property. Many of our rental homes are equipped with electronic front door locks that communicate with our reservation system. This system allows to assign unique codes to each guest, office staff and any vendors. Homeowners are responsible for the cost of the lock, $150. Resort Properties of Angel Fire covers the cost of installation, the gateway device, and monthly fee. The lock stays with the home.

  • What other charges may I incur?

    In the fall we do fire safety and fireplace inspections. In the winter there may snow plowing charges. Deep cleans are done once a year but can be done more if needed or on request.

  • Do you provide maintenance?

    Our team of trained maintenance technicians are available 7 days a week to respond to guest and owner service calls. Maintenance calls are billed at $35 per hour. Services that require less than 20 minutes (such as replacing a light bulb) are billed $5. We have trusted relationships with local vendors for any large repairs needed in your rental home. We will contact you prior to any repair costs that will exceed $200.

  • How long is the rental contract term?

    The initial contract term is for three (3) years, with automatic renewals on an annual basis. The agreement may be terminated any time with a minimum 90-day written notice.

  • What is your accounting cycle? How do I get paid for my rentals?

    Each month, owners are provided with an account of income and expenses. Statements are available on your personal Owner Portal. We recommend you set up direct deposit for the quickest and easiest access to your rental proceeds.

  • How do you promote and advertise my rental(s)?

    We lead the way in marketing to prospective guests looking for vacation rentals in the Angel Fire area. Our in-house marketing team deploys a variety of comprehensive marketing campaigns annually through email marketing, social media, print media, and the third-party booking channels in the world (Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, Airbnb, VRBO/HomeAway, TripAdvisor and others). Our company website generates over 50% of our bookings.

  • What are the fees for my family and I when we visit?

    There are no rental fees when you use your property. This applies to you, the owner, as well as your approved guests. You are only responsible for the cleaning fee and applicable hot tub fees.

  • What about my friends or other guests?

    As an owner, you can offer your guests whatever rate you decide plus the cleaning fee. Please contact our office to let us know the rate you wish to charge and reservation details.

  • How do you establish nightly rates and other rental policies?

    We use a tech company that focuses on a dynamic rate yielding system to help set the rates. Determining the best way to maximize rental rate has many factors such as market trends, local functions, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, location, and historical data for comparable units. You will see many different ADRs (Average Daily Rates) due to this dynamic yielding. This means the daily rate of your unit is based on supply and demand. We feel this is the best way to optimize the most intelligent rate for your property.

  • Will my rental be included in any special promotion programs?

    We may offer special packages for your property to achieve more revenue. Examples include promotions such as: one free night on a multi-night stay, etc. We may also use up to four nights per year on a complimentary basis for promotional purposes. These nights are used when the property would otherwise be vacant.

  • What special privileges will my rental guests receive over those of other management companies?

    By being part of the Resort Properties of Angel Fire management program, you and guests receive complimentary access to activities managed by our partner, xplor!e

  • Do we have to accept pets?

    No. Homeowners decide on their pet policy. However, per federal and state laws, qualifying service animals must be accepted at no additional charge. If you choose to be a ‘pet friendly’ property, we charge guests a $200 pet fee and split it with the homeowner 50/50.

  • How can I tell what’s being booked in my unit?

    You have access to an owners’ portal. You’ll be able to see the calendar in real time and you’ll have access to booking reports as well as copies of your owner statements whenever you need them. You may even block of dates for yourself and your family.

  • How do you handle damages?

    We inspect after each departure for damages so we can take care of it right away. Also, each guest pays into a trust and safety fee which covers up to $5,000 in accidental damages.

  • Are there issues with theft by guests?

    Rest assured that guests do not come on vacation to steal your belongings – 99% of renters take care of your property as if it’s their own. Sometimes items do go missing, but more often than not, they are simply misplaced in another part of the home.

  • Who pays sales tax?

    We collect and pay sales tax on your behalf with the Angel Fire Village and the state of New Mexico.

  • What if I want to terminate the agreement?

    What if I want to terminate the agreement?